Commercial & Residential Roof Repair in Austin, TX

Austin's Premium Roof Repair Solutions

Austin's Premium Roof Repair Solutions

Are you worried your roof may not hold up to that next Texas thunderstorm? Do you wake up in the middle of the night to go check that one spot wondering if your ceiling is going to cave in? Roof repair is something that shouldn't be put off!

Hopefully, your roof is not at the point of caving in. Dealing with roof damage is common in central Texas. Even the most durable and reliable roof systems experience damage and need repair during their lifespan. For example, a major storm can result in debris damaging your shingles. Even high-powered winds could cause damage by loosening your roof's flashing and leaving your roof vulnerable to leaks. If your roof does experience damage, you should have it addressed by a professional roofing company right away. The longer you leave damage unaddressed, the more likely it is to grow worse. As such, make sure you contact us at Quality Roofing Austin if you're in need of professional roof repair services.

Do you need roof repair?

Here are three common indications your roof is in need of professional repair:

  • Your roof is leaking - If there are water spots or leaks coming from your ceiling, there's a chance your roof is leaking. There are many potential reasons behind a roof leak, from missing shingles to broken flashing. A roof inspection will need to be done to determine the cause.
  • You're missing shingles, tiles or metal trim - Shingles were blown off your roof will leave your roof vulnerable to potential leaks.
  • Your shingles, tile or metal panels are damaged - Shingles that are broken, curled, or exhibit general wear and tear will need to be replaced. Cracked concrete and clay roofing tiles need to be replaced. Metal roofing panels that are lifted up or damaged will most likely need to be replaced.
  • Your gutter is full of leaves and overflowing back on to your roof - It is critical to keep your gutters free of debris and when they get clogged they often cause water to back up into the roofing system creating leaks
  • You hear noises coming from your roof or attic during windy or rainy conditions

Our Quality Roofing Commercial & Residential Roof Repair Solutions
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Our Quality Roofing Commercial & Residential Roof Repair Solutions

If you think your roof is in need of repair, the first thing we will do is schedule a free on-site consultation at your convenience. One of our Roofing Sales Consultants will perform a thorough inspection of your roof to determine exactly what's wrong and what needs to be repaired. We can perform a variety of different roof repairs, including replacing flashing, roof vents, and damaged roofing material. These are all features must be addressed if they are damaged since leaving them unaddressed will only cause the problem to grow worse - and more expensive to fix.

It's worth noting different types of roofing material require different types of repair. For example, metal roofing is installed in sheets, which means if one sheet is damaged, then the entire sheet has to be replaced and often the adjacent sheets; whereas, with asphalt tiles, the tiles can be individually replaced. We are capable of repairing a variety of roofing materials, including asphalt shingles, metal roofing, clay tiles, wood tiles, and even flat roofs.

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Flat Roof Repairs

In addition to residential repairs, we also perform commercial roofing repairs. Commercial roof repairs come with their own set of challenges, such as damaged surfaces, insulation, a variety of substrates, ponding water, all of which our professional roofers at Quality Roofing Austin can address.

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If you suspect your roof needs some maintenance, be sure to contact us at Quality Roofing Austin to schedule a roof repair service today. We also provide emergency roof repair services throughout Austin and surrounding areas.